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Sunward from the Start

Nuetech commands a rich heritage in the non-conventional energy industry with its origin dating back to the very nascent days of solar photovoltaic business in India, The company's legacy dates back to 2007 when it originated as a partnership firm by 4 young and technically qualified entrepreneurs, for production of a portable, fuel-saving variety of wood-burning cook stove, called Improved portable Chulha. This product had been designed by the Central Power Research Institute at Bangalore, and the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) of the Government of India had recognized it and implemented it at the grassroots level under an exclusive National Programme of Improved Chulhas (NPIC), with an offer of 75% subsidy to the beneficiaries. From 1988 to 1992, the firm delivered a good number of these cook stoves in south India under the brand name Nucifera and notched considerable growth at its very start.

Meanwhile, the promoters of the firm spotted a sunrise industry in their own growth sector: solar energy. The gravitation was too hard to resist and thus they floated Nuetech Systems in 1992, leveraging their proven expertise in non-conventional energy — a logical transition indeed! The partners of Nuetech thus turned into partners in India's movement for renewable energy, with high business ambitions and a high spirit of concomitant national service.


Exciting Evolution

From Lanterns to Home Lighting Systems to Roof Top Systems, Nuetech has come a long way from its humble beginnings and is today one of the top-league players in the competitive solar PV industry of India. It offers a bundle of solar PV solutions comprising a diverse range of products & components and a broad base of services. It employs over100 people and supports a whole "Nuetech family"" of employees, dealers, vendors and other stakeholders, and enjoys the satisfaction of thousands of customers across India.

Today, Nuetech presents not only astonishing business growth curves, but also a brilliant profile of technology triumphs, product developments, quality achievements, infrastructure enhancements and market penetrations. It has won major accreditations and approvals, as well as prestigious awards for its innovative products and imaginative services, and is rated high in the OE and vendor circles.

Nuetech owes this exciting track record to the exceptional dedication of the Nuetech family members and the promoters' futuristic vision. With dramatic changes happening on the global energy and environmental scenario, particularly in the solar segment, and with its own rising competence levels, the company looks forward to remarkably sunny days in serving society with a very basic amenity and a direly needed source of energy.



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