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Nuetech commands a rich heritage in the non-conventional energy industry with its origin in the very nascent days of Solar Photo Voltaic business in India.

Nuetech Solar Systems Pvt. Ltd. is an innovative Solar Photo Voltaic Company, focused on providing energy solutions by using Concentrated Technology. Since its inception, it has been a technologically, solution focused company driven by strong passion for environmental and social contribution combined with high creativity and integrity. Using the power of sun as source of energy, Nuetech Solar Systems Pvt. Ltd. has implemented some of the world’s largest Solar Photo Voltaic Systems, Solar Lighting, etc.

Nuetech runs with a vision of “Greater quality of individual life, enhanced organizational efficiency and safer world, thanks to improved harnessing of solar energy.”

What we do ?

Nuetech runs with a vision of “Greater quality of individual life, enhanced organizational efficiency and safer world, thanks to improved harnessing of solar energy.”

Why choose us ?

  • To deliver top-of-the-line Solar Photo Voltaic products & services and keep the customers delightfully surprised
  • To sustain a cutting-edge infrastructure and an inspiring working environment, with constant investments and initiatives
  • To adopt the best management practices
  • To promote usage of solar and other renewable forms of energy in daily life; enable conservation of conventional energy; and support movements for a clean and green planet

To Provide greater quality of individual life, enhance organizational efficiency and create safer world, thanks to improved harnessing of solar energy.

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Install Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Systems on your roof in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings and make your roof your own power house. Meet your electricity requirement and the excess electricity can be fed to the local grid.

40,000 MW Grid Connected Solar Rooftop System targeted by 2022.

30% Government subsidy for non-commercial and non-industrial categories for sing domestic solar panels.

Karnataka Electricity Board Schemes

Generate Power while earning Rs 9.56 per unit*

Gain energy security with Uninterrupted Power for 25 years

Tax benefits up to 80% in depreciation

Solar lease with Zero or Low upfront cost

10 years tax holiday


Below is an overview of what equipment is needed in a typical Grid-Tied Solar PV installation.

Solar PV Panels / PV Modules – The head end of a PV system that converts daylight into electrical current. As well as traditional Solar Panels, Solar PV panels can also be integrated into building materials where you may have traditionally used glass such as into canopies, skylights and balconies.

A Grid-Tie Inverter – Is used to convert DC power into AC power ready for use locally and for export to the grid.



An Off-Grid Solar PV System is self contained and uses batteries to store and release electricity when the Solar PV Panels aren’t active such as at night. An Off-Grid PV solution is ideal for remote buildings, application specific functions such as for powering machinery, temporary solutions, pumps, boats, pretty much anywhere where mains electricity isn’t available and or isn’t needed.


If you were thinking that there is nothing stopping you from having both types of system installed at the same time you would be absolutely right. A Hybrid system gives you all the benefits of both systems with the added benefits from protection from power cuts and outages (from either solar or mains), coupled with the ability to live independently of fossil fuels whilst supplying others with clean, green energy.

A Hybrid Solar PV System would utilise a connection to the grid enabling power to be exported and also use batteries to protect against power cuts and store power for use locally.



MNRE standard and custom-built models – Dusk-to-dawn and automatic timer models
Assembly of solar PV module, pole with module mounting structure, battery bank, charge controller, photo sensor, inverter and wiring

Energy-efficient luminaries available with CFLs, LEDs or SOX lamps
Rugged and weather-proof construction

Available types Single Arm with Pole/Single Arm without Pole/Double Arm with Pole.


A solar pump uses power derived from sunlight that is converted into electrical power by Solar Photo Voltaic(SPV) modules, which give higher power output in the afternoons and lower power output in the mornings and evenings. As a result, a solar pump works on varying power input and gives varying water output at a given pump head. On the other hand, a grid powered/diesel operated pump set, while working at a particular pump head, works with constant power input from the grid/diesel engine and provides constant water output at the given pump head.

The most important parameters to select a solar pump are: how much daily water needed, at what pump head, and at which location. The location is important because solar energy varies from region to region, and sizing of solar panels depends on the solar energy of a region.



Compact, light in weight and maintenance free lithium batteries, are used which is customer friendly.

NUETECH Solar Home Lighting System harnesses the sun’s energy to light up your home and power your small appliances. With benefits that extend both to your wallet and to the environment, NUETECH Solar Home Lighting System is not just a ‘INTELLIGENT’ idea; it is a ‘SIMPLE’ one Available models 3 light kit/4 light kit/ 6 light kit.


The modern solar lighting and energy hub for off-grid homes and businesses. The home 60 brings modern lighting and energy to homes living off of the electric grid. Once installed, the home 60 provides bright, 100 lumen diffuse fixed room lighting to three separate rooms. Included wall-mounted light switches provide modern convenience and the central power hub features standard 5.5v usb and 12v power outputs to power mobile phones and dc appliances.



The Eco provides up to 72 hours of high power light after a single day of charge. Ideal for studying, home lighting and safe movement after dark, the Eco’s portable, single-body design is easy for children to use and built to withstand many years of drops, splashes and rugged use. For off-grid families and school children, Eco means ultra-affordable solar power for a better future.

HOME 120

With three, 200 lumen high-power fixed room lights and a massive 12,000 mah battery, the home 120 delivers abundant lighting and appliance charging for the most performance-demanding families and businesses. Included light switches provide modern convenience and the central power hub features standard 5.5v usb and 12v power outputs to power mobile phones and dc appliances.



Carry Handle
Over Discharge Protection
Overcharge Protection
1.5 W Solar Panel
Single Push Button for all 3 Modes


The dependable tool for homes and businesses to stay brightly lit all night and connected all day. Designed to run on the highest brightness setting for a whopping 8 hours after a single day of charge, the Nuetech Pro All Night ensures maximum satisfaction for even the most demanding users. The USB-equipped phone charging port and large capacity battery enables users to charge their phone or USB-powered device day or night.



The ultimate tool for homes and businesses to stay lit all night and connected all day. With its 160 lumen LED light output, the Pro 2 yields an astounding amount of light from a single sunny day of solar charge. Users can enjoy up to 6 hours of light in the Pro 2’s brightest mode to increase productivity during the night. And the 2 USB-equipped phone charging ports and 3000 mAh high capacity battery ensure abundant phone charging capability, day or night.


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Indian Army
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