Nue Light Kit



Compact, light in weight and maintenance free lithium batteries, are used which is customer friendly.

NUETECH Solar Home Lighting System harnesses the sun's energy to light up your home and power your small appliances. With benefits that extend both to your wallet and to the environment, NUETECH Solar Home Lighting System is not just a 'INTELLIGENT' idea; it is a 'SIMPLE' one.

The Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission also known as SOLAR INDIA is a major initiative of the Government of India to promote ecologically sustainable growth while addressing India's energy security challenge. The vision of the Solar Mission is to make India's economic development energy efficient. The objective is to establish India as a global leader in Solar Energy.. The Government of India provides very attractive subsidies and also has attractive schemes for certain states which are power deficit and face challenges in power generation and transmission.