Vision & Mission

vision &mission


To Provide greater quality of individual life, enhance organizational efficiency and create safer world, thanks to improved harnessing of solar energy.



To deliver top-of-the-line Solar Photo Voltaic products & services and keep the customers delightfully surprised

To sustain a cutting-edge infrastructure and an inspiring working environment, with constant investments and initiatives

To adopt the best management practices

To promote usage of solar and other renewable forms of energy in daily life; enable conservation of conventional energy; and support movements for a clean and green planet

Core Values

  1. Integrity and Excellence in everything we do.
  2. Bring Nue-Technologies to life every day.
  3. Energize ourselves & others through a purpose larger than life.
  4. Spread happiness by respecting and enhancing the self esteem of every one we work with.
  5. Making India a Solar Super Power