1. What is a solar water heating system?

A Solar Water Heating System is one of the widely used solar system by which we get hot water with the help of solar radiation for domestic, industrial application etc. It converts Solar Energy into Thermal Energy and can replace any type of conventional heating system / fuel for thermal application like water heating, air heating etc.

2. Where can we use solar water heating system?

Home, Hotel industries, Educational Institutions, Hostels, Hospitals, Dairy Industries, Canteens, Boiler pre-heating application etc. Wherever we need hot water for any application like bathing, vessels cleaning, drinking, cooking etc

We can use this system without any fuel cost. The solar water heating systems are also used in the process industries where the boiler supplies low pressure steam. Solar water heating systems are generally used as an excellent energy conservation and energy efficiency equipment by supplying hot water at 80 digs. to boiler at pre-heater stage.

3. How Nuetech solar water heater is the feasible investment ?

Investment on solar water heater is ‘once investment long benefit’. One 100 ltrs. hot water can bath 4-5 members family, with boiling hot water from 25OC to average 60OC. 100 ltrs Electric heaters consume 5 KWH of electricity. Investment on solar water heater will be got back within 2 years by saving electricity bill if one household income consumes 40% electricity through 2 KW electric water heaters. If solar water heater system is installed, we can save upto 40% electricity and also money. No maintenance cost on electricity or any fuels.

Payback period :

  • 2-3 years when electricity is replaced
  • 4-5 years when furnace oil is replaced
  • 6-7 years when coal is replaced

A 100 ltrs. capacity Solar Water Heater can replace an electric geyser for residential use and saves 1500 units of electricity annually.

  • One 100 ltrs. capacity can prevent emission of 1.5 tonnes of Carbon Di Oxide per year.
  • The use of 1000 Solar Water Heater of 100 ltrs. capacity each can contribute to peak load saving of 1 MW.

The use of 1000 SWH of 100 Ltrs capacity each can contribute to peak load saving of 1MW. Nuetech solar water heater is the best solution for hot water needs. Solar water heating systems are found to be the most reliable, durable and are backed up by longest warranty period of all other solar other solar energy devices. Solar water heaters are known to have the fastest repayment of investment.

4. Are Nuetech Solar Water Heaters environmental friendly ?

Solar Water Heater is environmentally safe, conserves resource and reduce the air pollution, which causes acid rain, the “greenhouse effect” and respiratory health problems. One 100 ltrs capacity can prevent emission of 1.5 tonnes of carbon Dioxide per year.

5. Is there any government incentive, soft loan, subsidy available ?

  • 100 % Depreciation in the First year itself.
  • Rebate on electricity Bill from KPTCL government of Karnataka, India
  • Ministry of Non Conventional Energy Sources (MNES) Govt of India, is providing Interest Subsidy to promote the solar water heating systems through few Nationalized Banks so that end users/ customers can take soft loan at lesser interest rate. @5% simple interest, Payable 60 monthly installments.

Apart from the above, few states are in India made mandatory for certain buildings, government buildings etc. to use solar water heating systems.

6. How do we get hot water even on cloudy days ?

All Nuetech units have an auxiliary electric element with an adjustable thermostat to ensure your hot water supply in cloudy days.

7. How does Nuetech solar water units secure more hot water in early morning and winter ?

The strong polyurethane / rockwool insulation 100 mm thickness with high density guarantees the consumer more hot water for use when the temperature outside is 25 degree centigrade.

8. Will hard water effect the water heater performance in Nuetech solar water heaters?

Hard water results in formation of scale deposit on inside copper tubes in solar flat plate collectors. The result will be reduction of heat transfer through the layers of scale deposits.

Nuetech innovative product “Hard belt”, heat exchanger systems is the solution for this. Also Nuetech provide Indian activated sacrificial anode erected in storage tank to protect system from hard water in Deluxe PC and SS model.

Exclusive drain down facility provided in storage tank and flat plate collector to clean / service regularly. It will reduce the scale formation on solar water heaters.

9. How does Nuetech collectors work ?

In most countries of the world, all solar collectors are unbreakable to withstand and prevent any accidents. The Nuetech collectors has a special toughened glass (4 mm thick) following the strict international safety rules. The golden sun model has a special low-iron tempered glass. These types of glass has been proved to increase solar gain and heat production over glazing. Iron oxide contents 0.01% and solar transmittance above 91%. This glass with its specialized crystals minimizes the reflection of the direct sunrise and make the Nuetech only collector with such an

10. Does solar water heater require any maintenance ?

Apart from cleaning of the glass surface, it requires no maintenance. There are no moveable parts or no wear and tear in Nuetech solar water heaters. However, company recommends draining of the system, if the water is muddy or contains undissolved particles.

11. How hot can solar water heater get ?

Water heated by the sun can reach temperatures upto 80 Deg C, but normal temperature for household use is in between 40 – 45 Deg. C.

12. How does Nuetech manufactures products based on quality control maintenance ?

Nuetech manufactures products under the international standard specifications and its production is inspected at each production stage. All units have a special identification quality and inspection badge which proves that they have been inspected to ensure the highest quality.

13. What capacity water heaters do I require ?

Bathing Consumption System Capacity
3 – 4 members 100 ltrs. per day
5 – 6 members 125 ltrs. per day
6 – 7 members 150 ltrs. per day
8 – 9 members 200 ltrs. per day
9 – 10 members 250 ltrs. per day
12 – 15 members 300 ltrs. per day
18 – 20 members 400 ltrs. per day
23 – 25 members 500 ltrs. per day
38 – 40 members 800 ltrs. per day
50 – 55 members 1000 ltrs. per day

14. What are Evacuated-Tube Solar water heater.

‘Nuetech’ Evacuated solar collector tube has the configuration of two Concentric borosilicate glass tubes. The selective absorbing surface is coated on the out side of inner glass tube using magnetron sputtering the jocket between cover and inner glass tubes is evacuated The evacuated collectors have widely utilized due to their high efficiency, low heat loss.

15. What is the difference between Traditional solar and evacuated tube solar heaters.

Traditional solar water heaters appeared in the market over 20 years ago, such as ” Flat plate collector”. Now it is Evacuated solar water heater, designed for high efficiency. It has excellent 48 hours warm keeping factor due to its vacuum technology. As the vacuum tube is round, the sun’s rays are always striking the tubes surface at right angles, thus minimizing reflection and getting high efficiency. If the Flat collector surface is flat, the amount of solar radiation striking the collector surface is only at its maximum at midday when the sun is directly above the collector. In the morning or afternoon the sun’s rays strike the collector’s surface at an angle, and thus the amount of solar radiation that the collector is exposed to is reduced. Evacuated solar water heaters workable for 4 seasons, i.e. spring and winter (even snowing) are recommended

16. Where you can Purchase Nuetech solar water heaters?

To purchase a Nuetech solar water heater Just call our marketing persons or any of your nearest dealer. They will assist to purchase Nuetech water heaters and take care of after sales service promptly. For your nearest dealer please click here.

DECIDE TODAY to install a solar water heater “To save money, to save energy” and help save your environment for your children and theirs too. It can be your way of conserving natural resource and building greener, cleaner world.