Vision & Mission

vision &mission


To Provide greater quality of individual life, enhance organizational efficiency and create safer world, thanks to improved harnessing of solar energy.



  • To deliver top-of-the-line solar energy products & services and keep the customers delightfully surprised
  • To sustain a cutting-edge infrastructure and an inspiring working environment, with constant investments and initiatives
  • To adopt the best management practices
  • To promote usage of solar and other renewable forms of energy in daily life; enable conservation of conventional energy; and support movements for a clean and green planet
Core Ideology Envisioned Future
Core Values 25-year BHAG
  1. Integrity and Excellence in everything we do.
  2. Bring Nue-Technologies to life every day.
  3. Energize ourselves & others through a purpose larger than life.
  4. Spread happiness by respecting and enhancing the self esteem of every one we work with.
  5. Making India a Solar Super Power
  1. We will become largest Solar Energy Solutions provider globally.
Core Purpose Vivid Description
Going " BEYOND THE POSSIBLE" to harness the power of Sun for a cleaner, greener & a happier world
  1. Solar Means Nuetech & Nuetech means Solar.
  2. Nuetech will be on every roof and in every heart.
  3. We will be known for taking innovations to the next level.