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1. What is a Water Purifying system?

A water purifier is used a domestic as well industrial segment to keep safer health by avoiding the intake of dissolved impurities like sediment, calcium, magnesium, lead, chemicals etc

2. Where can we use Water Purifying system?

Home, Hotel industries, Educational Institutions, Hostels, Hospitals, Dairy Industries, Canteens, Boiler pre-heating application etc. Wherever we need pure water for any application like bathing, vessels cleaning, drinking, cooking etc

3. How Nuetech Water Purifiers is the feasible investment ?

Investment on Water Purifiers is ‘once investment long benefit’. By keeping yours and family health pure

4. Will hard water effect the water Purifier performance in Nuetech water purifiers?

Hard water results in formation of scale deposit inside the filters and membrane, The result will be reduction of water output

5. Does solar water heater require any maintenance ?

Apart from cleaning of the glass surface, it requires no maintenance. There are no moveable parts or no wear and tear in Nuetech solar water heaters. However, company recommends draining of the system, if the water is muddy or contains undissolved particles.

6. How does Nuetech manufactures products based on quality control maintenance ?

Nuetech manufactures products under the international standard specifications and its production is inspected at each production stage. All units have a special identification quality and inspection badge which proves that they have been inspected to ensure the highest quality.

7. What capacity water purifier do I require ?

Drinking Consumption System Type
50- 100 LPD Domestic Models
100- 1000 LPD Commercial Models
1000-100000 LPD Industrial Models
8. Where you can Purchase Nuetech Water Purifiers?

To purchase a Nuetech water purifiers Just call our marketing persons or any of your nearest dealer. They will assist to purchase Nuetech water purifiers and take care of after sales service promptly. For your nearest dealer please click here.

DECIDE TODAY to install a water purifiers “To protect yours and your families health ” building greener, cleaner and healthy world.