Customer Care

Nuetech solar, we strongly believe that, “Customer is our King” We delivered good Quality product with best service to fulfill the customer expectations. Hence If you find any inconvenience with the product or service please contact our customer care cell.

Turning Daylight into Delight

Nuetech has a well-developed customer care department, with a modern-day Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and a vibrant base of relevantly qualified personnel. The company is a leader in after-sales care and has developed Authorized Service Centres in all major districts of South India to offer prompt, economical and cordial customer support.

Nuetech”s concern for customers is best-showcased by its industry-leading “Service within 24 hours” initiative, which has taken today”s popular concept of 24X7 service to an all-new high. The company has dedicated a high-tech service ambulance towards this end and has set up a hotline for peak hour complaints. Novel facilities of this kind are now available inside Bangalore city only, but will soon be extended to other major centres.

Prompt attention to customer calls

Customer feedback management

Evaluation of defects and corrective action

“Hello” calls to customer sites for personal interaction

Customer training on product usage & care

Multidisciplinary teams for complaint prevention through constructive action