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After a busy day at work and hours spent in a terrible traffic jam, you want to have a refreshing hot water bath when you reach home. But you have to wait to turn on your electric water heater and wait for the water to get hot. So much of your precious time is lost while you could have already been sitting and watching your favourite TV show while sipping a cup of coffee. You can still do this. Reach out to Nuetech Solar and we will help you with installing the most efficient and best domestic heat pump water heater for your home.

Nuetech domestic heat pump series is designed to provide you and your family with 24×7 hot water throughout the year with complete environmental protection and guaranteed power savings. While hot water is necessary for every home today, our product comes to you with a combination of our signature heat pump product and the best available expert advice to fit your needs.

Nuetech’s air-source domestic heat pumps use outdoor air to provide any-time hot water. The use of naturally available heat energy in the air that surrounds us makes this product energy-efficient and long-lasting. When you install Nuetech’s domestic heat pump, your electricity bills will shrink because domestic heat pumps consume less energy when compared to traditional water heaters.

When you buy a domestic heat pump from Nuetech, you get a best-in-class product, excellent service, expert advice, and innovative energy-saving methods all rolled into one.For example, you can use alternative energy like solar energy to power your heat pump and find your taps flowing with fresh hot water.

Salient Features

  • Provides fresh hot water 24×7 throughout the year.
  • Higher energy efficiency and performance compared to pressurised systems.
  • Use of a highly efficient tube-in-shell heat exchanger to ensure a high coefficient of performance (COP), which results in a lower operating cost.
  • You can trust a constant temperature output ranging from 55 to 60 degrees Celsius.
  • Lesser burden of regular cleaning and maintenance is lessened due to the automatic defrosting system.
  • Wide range of temperature variations, ranging from 4 kw to 5 kw (200, 300, and 500 litres).
  • Water temperature can be adjusted between 25 and 58 degrees Celsius.
  • Coated with an anti-corrosive coating that guarantees long life and lower operating costs. Our heat pumps sport a water-resistant body.


Nuetech’s domestic heat pumps are energy-saving, consume less electricity and are environmentally friendly. NuetechSolar’s domestic heat pump does not limit itself to small homes; it can be used in individual villas, small enterprises, cafes, and small restaurants.

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