Terms And Conditions

NUETECH SOLAR provides the warranties to the original end-user (“The customer”) of its NUETECH SOLAR products subject to the terms and conditions included herein. The warranties only apply to products sold in India and installed as per our installation instructions.

NUETECH SOLAR warrants its solar products from the date of the customer’s invoice against manufacturing defects and poor workmanship excluding tank which is described below. Warranty service can be availed from any of the nearest NUETECH SOLAR branch or authorized service centers.

• Our Standard Products comes with a warranty period of 1/2/5/10 years, depending on various products. NUETECH SOLAR reserves the right to change as per the market dynamic

• Warranty for the product applies to the items/goods supplied and installed by NUETECH SOLAR or its authorized dealers and distributors/Customers.

• This warranty is valid only if the quality of the water supplied to NUETECH SOLAR water heating system is free from mud and dirt for the period of use.

• This warranty is valid only for solar tanks if the TDS, Chloride and pH values are as per the table given below for various models

Product TDS
Lazurite – SWH  –
Sunpot – SWH <500ppm
Robo – SWH  –
Heat Pump (Tank) <500ppm

• It is solely NUETECH SOLAR’s decision as to whether warranty is applicable or not. NUETECH SOLAR’s decision as to the validity of a warranty claim is final. The supply of additional products or components or repair or replacement of the products does not cause the beginning of a fresh warranty period nor shall the original warranty period be extended. Any products that have been replaced shall become the property of NUETECH SOLAR.

• The liability of NUETECH SOLAR’s under this warranty is limited to the warranty obligations as provided herein. Any liability for indirect or consequential loss or damages which may be suffered by the customer including, but not limited to loss of data or programs loss of use, loss of profits, loss of production, loss of revenues or business interruption, is therefore specifically excluded.

• This product is supported by carbon credits generated through its use. By buying this product therefore you agree to waive your rights to the carbon credits to NUETECH SOLAR.