Domestic Heat Pump

A soothing hot water shower feels so good after an exhausting day in the office or elsewhere. Nuetech domestic heat pump series is designed to provide you and your family with 24x7 hot water throughout the year with complete environmental protection and power saving guaranteed.
While hot water is necessary for every home today, being the best domestic heat pump company in Bangalore, we combined Nuetech’s signature heat pump approach and team expertise to meet your hot water needs anytime.

Nuetech air source domestic heat pumps use outdoor air to provide any time hot water. These are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and have less electricity consumption than traditional electric water heaters.
If you buy domestic heat pump water heaters at Nuetech, we can assure you about the best-in-class features in energy savings and high efficiency. Also, you can connect these domestic heat pumps to solar energy to get fresh hot water with energy savings and substantial savings on electricity bills. Check the salient features of Nuetech’s domestic heat pump water heaters

Salient Features

  • Provide fresh hot water 24x7 throughout the year.
  • Higher energy efficiency and performance compared to pressurized systems.
  • Advanced water circulation technology - safe & reliable no mixing of refrigerant and water.
  • Curved/split piping system for flexible installation - external and internal units.
  • Nuetech’s domestic heat pump water heater uses a highly efficient tube-in-shell heat exchanger to ensure a high coefficient of performance (COP) which results in lower operating cost.
  • Our domestic heat pump offers constant temperature output ranging from 55 to 60 degrees Celsius.
  • The automatic defrosting system ensures that maintenance and cleaning intervals do not come frequently. Nuetech provides a wide range of temperature variations ranging from 4kw, 5Kw (200, 300, and 500 Liter).
  • Adjustable water temperature setting: 25 – 58 deg Celcius.
  • High-efficiency eco-friendly R134A, R417A, or R407C refrigerant without ozone depletion.
  • Our heat pumps sport a water-resistant body. Coated with an anti-corrosive coating that guarantees long life and lower operating costs.

With such amazing yet salient features, Nuetech Domestic Heat Pump Water Heaters can be used in the following:


Get constant hot water anywhere in the house while saving up to 80% on your electricity costs. These energy-efficient domestic heat pump water heaters are best suited in:
● Houses
● Individual Villas
● Small Enterprises
● Cafes
● Small Restaurants

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