Solar Integrated Heat Pump

Solar Integrated Heat Pump

About Solar Heat Pumps
Solar heat pumps, solar integrated heat pumps, or solar assisted heat pump is a type of machine that stands for the integration of heat pump and solar panels. Also called solar thermal heat pump, a solar heat pump is perhaps the most effective way to get hot water for your home. They can be used in any climate and environment. Additionally, the fuel they use is Sunshine - it is absolutely free.

Solar assisted heat pump systems include a solar thermal panel that performs the function of a low-temperature heat source and the heat generated is further used to feed the heat pump’s evaporator. The ultimate goal of solar heat pump is to get high COP and produce energy in a more cost-efficient way. If you are planning to buy solar pumps, we are the best solar heat pump company in India offering a wide range of heat pumps. Check comparison.


Generally speaking, the use of solar integrated system is an energy-efficient way to use the heat generated by the thermal panels in winters, something that normally would not be exploited because it is a low-temperature heat source. Additionally, in comparison to a combustion fuel-fired furnace or standard heat pump alone, solar assisted heat pump is also economical and enables environmental protection. However, actual energy savings may vary depending on the relative costs of combustion fuel relative to electricity.

Benefits of Using a Solar Integrated Heat Pump

As solar energy is renewable energy, there are plenty of benefits of using solar integrated heat pumps that you can find here. If you are planning to buy solar heat pump and are looking for just one reason, we must mention the cost-effectiveness and freedom to use. You can use the solar assisted heat pump as per your needs without worrying about the electricity costs. Check other benefits associated with solar heat pumps.
Feature of Solar Integrated Heat Pump

o Heat Pump and Solar Panels integrated in a single system

o 24x7 hot water throughout the year

o This type of system provides hot water in less expensive way

o Cost on electricity bills cut significantly

o Up to 60% reduced overheads on electric heaters

o Reduce carbon emission and environment friendly

o Contribute towards reducing global warming

o Low operating cost

o Natural resource preservation

Demand for solar integrated heat pump

With inflated electricity costs, the demand for solar integrated heat pump has increased dramatically. Additionally, everyone is getting aware of the usage of solar integrated heat pumps, as we’ve already exploited nature so badly that global warming is on the head. Also, the solar integrated heat pumps are one-time investment and provide 24x7 hot water cost-effectively. The operating cost is very low, therefore the demand for solar-assisted heat pumps is increasing day-by-day.

Auto on and off connection

Solar heat pumps feature an auto on/off connection, which is perhaps the best feature of solar assisted heat pump. It stops the pump to feed electricity to work/generate more energy if sufficient sunlight is available or water has reached a set temperature 55 degree C. The hot water is below set temperature 55 degree C and sufficient sunlight is not available heat pump will automatically starts working. It saves a huge amount on electricity bills and reduces carbon emissions.

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