About Us

About Us

Established three decades ago, Nuetech Solar Systems Pvt Ltd, is a pioneer is Solar Energy Industry. With trust in the power of sun and goodness of its energy, Nuetech Solar made a humble beginning in 1992 with two directors Mr.Surendra Kumar and Mr.B.Prakash – whose hard work, determination and vision has today made a mark in the renewable energy sector, across India.

Nuetech Solar houses a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, modern machineries and follows world class production practice in a 50,000 sq feet with a dedicated and self-motivated human capital of above 200 employees.

We have been recognized by UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) and the Gold Standard Foundation Vision as the only Solar Thermal Manufacturer in India for its customer-orientation coupled with green and clean practices.

Our focus with Greener and Cleaner environmental products

With excellence in manufacturing, quality control, design, marketing and customer- care, Nuetech influences the livelihood of over 1000 people who are distributors, dealers, free lancers, channel partners, installers and others. Today, “Nuetech’ and its team take pride in being one of the top five solar thermal manufacturers in India, and takes the lion’s share of solar water heater sales from Indian market. We have broadened our horizon as leaders in solar lighting systems, solar roof top and  water softner, water purification plants, solar integrated and standalone heat pumps.

Our mission

  • To deliver top-of-the-line solar energy products & services and keep the customers delightfully surprised
  • To sustain a cutting-edge infrastructure and an inspiring working environment, with constant investments and initiatives
  • To adopt the best management practices
  • To promote usage of solar and other renewable forms of energy in daily life; enable conservation of conventional energy; and support movements for a clean and green planet

Our vision

  • To Provide greater quality of individual life, enhance organizational efficiency and create safer world, thanks to improved harnessing of solar energy.




  • Integrity and Excellance in everything we do
  • Bring Neutech technology to life everyday
  • Spread the happiness by enhancing the selfesteem and respect everyone we work with
  • Energise ourself and others through a purpose higher than life
  • Making India a Solar super power


  • Going “BEYOND THE POSSIBLE” to harness the power of Sun for a cleaner, greener and happier world.


  • Solar means Nuetech and Nuetech means Solar.
  • Nuetech will be on every roof and every heart.
  • We will be known for taking the innovations to the next level.


  • We will become the largest Solar Energy Solution provider globally


Thank you, dear visitor. We are glad to have you on our site. Nuetech solar has been in the solar thermal business for 30 years now and we feel happy that in this period we have been able to bring the matchless benefits of solar energy into the lives of lakhs of users across India, We feel privileged that in this process we have also been able to render a very basic service to society and environment. We are indeed proud that today we are counted among the leaders in the industry and we owe this success and status to nothing else than our focus on quality, technological sophistication, innovation and “customer delight.” No doubt, we look forward to thousands of more Nuetech “solar roofs” in the days to come.

Please take time to browse the site in full and do return to us with your feedback and your queries as to how we could help you bring a great new energy into your lives and businesses.

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