Energy conservation and optimum use of natural energy resources are the need of the hour. And solar energy plays a huge role in this. Nuetech Solar, a pioneer in Solar water heaters, is here to make this happen. All we need is your will to do it. A hot shower is indeed extremely refreshing and relaxing. Being able to get warm water when you open your bathroom tap is no more a luxury. It is an essential need. This necessitates a significant increase in power consumption for water heating. Using electricity for heating your water is neither going to help you save money nor help the environment in the long run. This is where the installation of solar water heaters makes a huge difference.


How? Solar water heater convert sunlight into heat energy for heating water. The system consists of a insulated water tank and solar thermal collectors attached to it, which can absorb sunlight very effectively. This facilitates the quick heating of the water inside the tank. The hot water stored in the insulated water tank can be used at your convenience. Nuetech Solar’s heating systems also come with inbuilt electric heating systems to make your life easier on a cloudy day.

Types of technology used for heating water

There are two types of technologies used to circulate water through the solar collectors. In the direct system water is circulated through solar collectors where it gets heated up by the solar energy. This heated water is the stored or used directly. This system of heating is suitable for normal climatic conditions.

However, solar water heaters can be used effectively in places with cold climate. The technology used here is called the closed-loop or indirect system. In this technology, a non-freezing fluid is used for transferring the solar heat from the sun to the water stored in the insulated storage tanks. The thermal energy from the sun will heat up the fluid in the solar collectors, which then passes through a heat exchanger placed in the insulated storage tank, transferring the heat to the water. Then, the non-freezing fluid will cycle back to the collectors.

In largerActive or forced circulation systems maymake use of electric pumps, valves and controllers to pump the water from the collectors to the storage tanks. Passive systems do not require any pumps; the water is pumped by natural convection from the collectors to the storage tank.

Key Features of Our Product:

  • Eco friendly
  • Lower Carbon Footprint
  • Low Maintenance
  • Compact in size
  • High Energy Efficiency
  • Easy Installation

Solar Water Heater Price in India

A solar water heater is a one-time investment and a thoughtful one too. The returns you get from this investment are a low electricity bill, no fuel cost and low maintenance. In the long run, installing a solar water heater is both an eco-friendly and an economic-friendly decision. Solar water heaters can vary in storage capacities from 100 litres per day (lpd) to500 lpd to any capacity. Nuetech Solar is equipped to customise storage capacity for you based on your needs to the extent of 1000 lpdor more. When you buy a solar water heater from us, you can be assured of a quality product and best-in-class service for which, what you will be paying will be reasonable

How does a Solar Water Heater work ?

Nature always has only the best to offer to mankind. Solar energy is one such gifts to us and Nuetech Solar believes in making the best use of this gift. And as one of the leading solar water heater manufacturers, we believe in passing on the same goodness to our clients. Nuetech Solar has a wide range of solar water heaters that can be tailor-made to your needs. Here is the science behind the magic of how solar water heaters work. A solar water heating system consists of an insulated tank and thermal collectors. The thermal collector captures heat from the sun and retains it to heat the water. The water storage tank, in order to keep the water hot all the time, continuously circulates the water through the collectors. This process neither needs electricity not maintenance.

There are two natural principles that make solar water heating simple and helps in this continuous circulation of water.
  • Any hot object will ultimately return to thermal equilibrium. This is due to the heat loss that occurs from conduction, convection and radiation. The efficiency is directly related to heat lost from the surface of the collector, However Solar Collectors are made of self-insulating material which can absorb the Solar Heat but does not allow it to escape back.For example the FPC collectors use a special Solar Grade Glass with high absorptivity and low emmisivity. Similarly the ETC systems use tailor made Glass Tubes with Vacuum as an effective insulator.Convection and radiation are important sources of heat loss. The thermal insulation is being used to slow down the heat loss process from a hot object.
  • Heat is lost rapidly if there is a larger difference between a hot object and the environment. The heat loss is predominantly being governed by the thermal gradient between the surface of the collector and the ambient temperature. Conduction, convection and radiation occur more rapidly over large thermal gradients.

Types of Solar Water Heater


ETC is the most efficient thermal collector that is available in the market. The principle used here is similar to that of a thermos. The evacuated tubes can be replaced individually as needed. Nuetech Solar takes pride in being the first company to bring ETC model in India.


FPC is typically used for water consumption by smaller families. An FPC is a series of parallel tubes assembled within an insulated box, which is covered by a tempered glass. An average flat plate collector can contain approximately 150 litres of water.

Nuetech Solar has the right people and technology to guide and install solar water heaters with thermal collectors that perfectly fit your needs.

Installation and Maintenance of Solar Water Heater

The installation of a solar water heater on your house depends on multiple factors which include the climatic conditions, space available for installation, local building code requirements and also the safety issues. It is best to have a qualified technician to install your solar water heating system.

Nuetech solar water heaters come with hassle-free maintenance. Post-installation, some type of maintenance is required to keep it running smoothly and hassle-free.

Solar Water Heating Systems need to be cleaned regularly. Regular Inspection should be done in order to ensure the working of cables and tanks.

Water with high mineral content can build up on heat transfer surfaces which can cause problems so regular cleaning is a must.

Why Solar water heater?

Because it is the best. It is one of the most cost-effective means of energy conservation. Did you know up to 80% of electricity can be saved when you use solar water heaters? And they can heat water from ambient (20 to 250 C) to 70⁰ C, making it suitable for kitchen use as well. They say simple things can do wonders. Solar water heaters are just an example of that. It is the beauty of using the limitless and freely available warmth of sunlight to not just save money, but give the best back to nature. NuetechSolar believes in this bountiful gift of nature and wishes to pass on this beauty to you with its range of solar heating systems.

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