Nuetech - Rotary Green Brigade

For a Green, Clean and Healthy world


Create a Carbon Neutral world by initiating mass awareness movement for sustainable living.


To initiate and organize a self-sustaining continuous movement among school & college children in Bengaluru and surrounding areas – sensitize them about the looming catastrophe of Global Warming and steps to be taken by one and all to contribute towards mitigating Climate Change – To form & rise “The Green Brigade” consisting of School & College Children who will take up the cause on a war footing.


1.To make children energy conscious by teaching energy calculations in an easy and simple way, to enable them to conduct energy audits, calculate their Carbon Footprint, identify possibly more efficient energy usage, etc., Inculcate the responsibility towards waste management, and observe the 3R’s (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle)

2.To start a mass movement among children which will be a vehicle of change in the society at large, to rationalize consumption and inculcate a sense of responsibility towards environment and ecology. To identify leaders among the school children who have the potential of becoming future crusaders.

3.To involve and encourage School/College Managements to take up the cause in a proactive and innovative way. Encourage all participating School Managements to make the topic an integral part of their extra-curricular activities. To organize theme based intra/inter school debate-drama-drawing-essay competitions and recognize talents.

3.In partnership with Rotary District 3190, the project was launched on 18th June 2009 under the banner of The Rotary Green Brigade. In the first decade of existence, joining the hands with Rotary Club of Jayanagar over 1.50 Lakhs of students from about 250 schools and colleges have been sensitized and many community based activities were undertaken. Over 700 sessions of induction and orientation of students to Global Warming and Environmental protection through narrating the story of Energy, its history, evolution, the present situation and business-as-usual future scenario. Through these comprehensive audio visual presentations, lectures and practical hands-on sessions focused on conservation and reduction in use of conventional energy and adoption of renewable energy, particularly Solar Energy.

Till date over 3,600 student volunteers have enrolled as members of The Rotary Green Brigade.Some events under the project have been:

  • 2nd October 2019 Student Volunteer Rally was organized with 3,000 students and flagged-off by M.P Bengaluru South, Sri. Tejaswi Surya, with a focus of spreading awareness on shunning single-use plastic and creating a waste-free community in Jayanagar, with the able support from the offices of the Jayanagar MLA and the Counselors.
  • 5th to 28th June 2019 - World Environment Day activities culminated with festivities on 28th with a Street Rally by students from 12 institutions of Bharath Education Society, inaugurated by Jayanagar MLA Smt. Sowmya Reddy. The focus was on creating awareness about going green, protecting trees, elimination of single-use plastic. The Rally involved collage bands, roadshows, street-plays at road junctions and drive for collection waste on the route of the Rally yielded over 80 big bags of plastic trash.
  • 5th February 2018: Painting and poster competition involving about 800 participants from 12 institutions about the theme of Environment Protection and Renewable Energy. Awards for best paintings and posters and recognition of all participants was the highlight.
  • 31st January 2018 – Large scale student orientation drive, with over 3,800 attending students and faculty, inaugurated at Bharath Education Society’s 14 institutions including schools and colleges to conduct all activities of Nuetech-Rotary Green Brigade.
  • 2nd October 2017: ‘Swachatta Hi Seva’ program involving children of Geetha Higher Primary School, Jayanagar to clean the school premises and took of a procession in the neighborhood to spread the awareness about keeping the surroundings clean and green.
  • 21st December 2016: Nuetech Rotary Green Brigade launched in Tumkur district in association with Rotary Club of Tumkur East. About 600 students of Maruthi Vidya Kendra and Ankita Primary & High School were sensitized about energy conservation and environmental protection.
  • 25th September 2016: Mega-Trek to Madhugiri, a mega trekking expedition including the theme of collecting of all trash was undertaken in association of the Rotaract Club of Banashankari and about 1800 Rotaractors from 26 colleges of Bengaluru participated. About 1.20 Tons of trash, mostly plastic was collected resulting in a totally clean Madhugiri hills. To make the event, Mega-Trek Carbon Neutral, 40 tree saplings were planted at the Panchayat Office premises followed subsequently by each participating student planning a sapling with a vow to nurture the plant for 5 years.
  • 3rd January 2016: Cycle Day: About 120 cyclists participated with the theme ‘Go Green, Be the change’ and after the inaugural covered about 15 Kms on the lanes of Jayanagar propagating the theme.
  • 12th December 2009: ‘Bengaluru to Copenhagen’ was organized to coincide with the UNFCCC COP at Copenhagen as a clarion call by the children, the future citizens to the assembled World leaders to find a solution to Global Warming and Climate Change. The whole event was conducted by school children and many children emotionally and loudly appealed to the world leaders. Over 5,000 children from about 20 schools participated at the Basavanagudi National College grounds. Symbolically all participants signed on a 25 metre Khadi cloth scroll and sent to Indian authorities in Copenhagen and unfurled at the venue of the UNFCCC COP.
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