Nuetech”s expanding capabilities and brand equity have enabled it to win an impressive share of the Indian market.


Nuetech”s expanding capabilities and brand equity have enabled it to win an impressive share of the Indian market. The company leads the solar water heater markets in the Indian states of Karnataka and Maharashtra. It is also rapidly spreading its footprint in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, J & K, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Pondicherry and Goa, particularly due to its ETC leadership, Today, with the inclusion of the Indian Army wing at Jammu & Kashmir in its client portfolio, Nuetech can indeed claim to have touched even the last outpost of human habitation in India!

Nuetech enjoys the goodwill of many well-known industrialists, political & social leaders, senior administrators and film & music celebrities in the domestic segment of its market. Among its institutional clientele, it counts a string of famous names among engineering & medical colleges, universities, health care centres, NGOs and central & state government units.

Nuetech commands high credibility in the OE market, too. It is the largest OE manufacturer & supplier of solar hot water systems & components (PUF tanks and collectors) in India and has major manufacturers & system integrators from all over India, besides several local players, on its roster of OE customers.

All in all, thousands of happy customers and a multitude of product users across India testify to the capabilities of Nuetech today… And its market is growing at an amazing rate, thanks to its own brand image, as well as increasing appreciation of solar energy benefits among the users, and growing support from the government through various solar incentives and rebates.


Nuetech has an independent marketing department and extensive dealer-distributor networks in major cities of Karnataka. It has adequate market representation in other states of India through a fast-developing dealer network, as well as its own marketing executives. It has also employed a large number of commission agents in its sales wing. In addition, the company promotes its products through its strong links with noted architects, builders and real estate developers.

To support its marketing networks, Nuetech has opened sales & service branches in Hubli, Pune and Delhi, and is expanding its branch network constantly. Nuetech offers sound support and training in technical as well as marketing aspects to its dealers, agents and marketing executives, and shows genuine care for their welfare. It enjoys very harmonious relationships with its dealers and is therefore able to be in live touch with its customer base.

Apart from handling dealer networks and direct sales, the marketing department closely interacts with thecustomer service department, formulates marketing gameplans, attends to product enquiries, conducts roadshows, participates in state & national level exhibitions, organizes technical conferences and runs customer-training & awareness programmes. Plus, importantly, it offers guidance & support to its prospective customers on the various rebate and incentive schemesopen to them.


  • Individuals & institutions
  • Public & private sector enterprises
  • Government departments & NGOs
  • System integrators & OE users
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