Nuetech is one of the best-known brands in the Indian market today and the factors that have steadily elevated the company to this level, have thrown open a panorama of breathtaking business vistas on its horizon now.

Wider outreach in solar market.

Although solar radiation is available in viable quantities round the year in most of tropical India, a miniscule portion of the market has so far been explored by the solar thermal industry. Nuetech is since 1992, The 28 years Rich experience in solar industry, wide ranges of solar products in single company Billons of installations across the globe.

Bigger strides in ETC market

Nuetech is the First company introduced vacuum tubes solar water heaters in Indian market in 2003. brought the blockbuster ETC (Evacuated Tube Collector) technology into India after overcoming many local challenges and venturing to import vacuum tubes from abroad. As a result, it is on the vanguard of India”s ETC movement today in Indian market ( refer in our media highlights), with the largest installation base, and it has raised the bar in the industry by producing and commissioning some of the best and biggest ETC systems in the country. The success of this venture has, in fact, encouraged the government to extend its gesture of subsidies to the ETC solar energy sector. ETC will be a key driver of the company”s future.

OEM Manufacturers

Nuetech is pioneers in solar water heaters, we supplied our solar water heaters as a OEM suppliers to few reputed branded company like, shell solar, bajaj sunsuko, suntechnic, electrotherm, venus water heaters etc.


Nuetech has established a state-of-art, in house manufacturing plant using the latest machinery and best practices in production, Bangalore with 32,000 sq. feet shop floor and over 190 dedicated and highly motivated employees in manufacturing, quality control, design, marketing and customer-care departments, and provides livelihood indirectly to over 1000 people including distributors, dealers, free lancers, channel partners, installers and others.


Nuetech Introduced vaccum tube solar water heaters in Indian market in early 2000 and make awareness of usage of vaccum tube solar water heaters and also first time in India we introduced Polymer( Plastic bond) solar water heaters tanks for Hard water application segments under Nano model. And also Nuetech installed world class automation in tank manufacturing process, we developed welding less tanks in Solar Water Heater for longer life and durability.

Overseas Expansion

Nuetech has already received offers from foreign manufacturers for joint-ventures and is preparing for export certification to different countries. With the world increasingly going solar vis-“-vis fast-depleting and environmentally & economically expensive fossil fuels (coal, crude oil & natural gas), and with rising global warming concerns, the company”s export market and Joint venture is just waiting to explode to global vision.

Major Installations

Nuetech major intuitional Installations: these are our remarkable installations in our feather cap.

  • Rastrapathi Bhavan
  • Northan command (Indian Army) at J&K
  • Indian institute of science Bangalore
  • Matha Vishnovodevi temple Katra,(Jammu)
  • Leh and Ladak(coldest region in India)
  • Many of Rajya Bhavans
  • Installed thousands of domestic solar water heaters at Manipur( North east India)

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