A Solar Water Heater is a device used to convert sunlight into heat energy for water heating. The Solar Water Heating system consists of a horizontal tank with attached solar collectors. The hot water is stored in a tank which is insulated and it can be accessed at any time. Solar Water Heater is a cost effective way to produce hot water for domestic use. The Solar Water Heating systems have limited maintenance costs and fuel (solar energy) is unlimited, which makes it highly efficient and hassle-free.

Solar Water Heater heats up water up to 55°C to 70°C which is an ideal temperature for household purpose including bathing and kitchen use. Some of the solar water systems come with inbuilt electric heating systems for use on cloudy days. Hence these solar water heating systems can be used for any weather condition.

Solar Water Heater was in use even before 1900, back then a black painted tank would be mounted on top of the roof and water used to be stored inside it and it would be heated up as black colour absorbs sunlight. Now, technology is improved and there have been various improvements in solar water heating systems. The solar thermal collector absorbs sunlight very quickly and the water inside the tank heats up very soon.

Solar water heaters are also used for commercial purposes. These are very advanced and they consist of huge tanks and thermal collectors. Previously the government used to offer various subsidies for the installation of Solar Water Heating Systems, promoting their use as they help in preserving the environment and decreasing carbon footprint. This had decreased the solar water price in India.

Hence, installing a Solar Water Heater for home can come across as a great investment in the long term. Nuetech solar has got you covered with its range of solar heating systems.

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