Digital Controller


Introducing Nuetech Digital, your one-stop solution for all your hot water requirements! Experience the Modern technology that brings you uninterrupted hot water 24/7, hassle-free. Our revolutionary Solar water heater guarantees exceptional efficiency while minimizing power consumption, leading to significant savings on your electricity bills.

Say goodbye to manual switching! Our smart water heater comes with automatic on-and-off features, eliminating the need for daily monitoring. Instead, you can effortlessly control the system using your mobile phone, making it incredibly convenient and user-friendly. Set your desired temperature with ease and enjoy the luxury of perfectly heated water whenever you need it. The future of hot water solutions with Nuetech Digital!


  • Suitable for Hard water / all types of Water.
  • Sleek, Smart & Strong power coated G.I Support stand.
  • Three Layer Copper Hi-Efficiency Solar Vacuum Tubes.
  • Electrical back up for cloudy whether.

Current Solar Water Heater Challenges

In certain weather conditions like a cool morning or after a rainy or cloudy day, customers may face insufficient hot water for bathing if they depend on solar hot water systems. This can occur when they use up the hot water in the evening, leaving inadequate hot water for the next morning.

To address this limitation, we introduce a new technology in our solar water heaters – the “Instant Hot Water in Tap” system with the “return line concept.” This innovative feature ensures that customers receive hot water instantly at the tap without wasting cold water due to long pipelines. With this advancement, customers can enjoy the convenience of hot water without concern about lengthy distances between the solar water heater and the bathroom. The new system optimizes water usage and ensures a consistent supply of hot water for a more satisfying bathing experience.

Benefits of Digital Controller System

The temperature setting for the DTC (Direct Tap Circulation) system is 35°, which usually provides sufficient 40-degree hot water for bathing. The scheduled time for hot water circulation is flexible and based on the customer’s convenience.

Here’s how the DTC system works:

1. Monitoring Temperature: The DTC system continuously monitors the temperature in the hot water pipeline. If the temperature falls below 35°, the system is triggered.

2. Reversing Cold Water: When the DTC system is activated, a sensor detects the lower temperature and turns on a motor pump. This pump reverses the flow of cold water back to the solar tank through a reverse pipeline.

3. Hot Water Flow: As the cold water is returned to the solar tank, hot water from the solar tank flows into the pipeline. The water in the pipeline is maintained at an average temperature of around 35 degrees.

4. Automatic Shutdown: Once the temperature in the pipeline reaches the desired 35 degrees, the motor pump automatically turns off, ensuring the continuous storage of hot water at the desired temperature.

For the efficient functioning of the DTC system, it is important to install a sensor and an appropriate motor pump at the last usage point of the solar hot water line. Additionally, the Nuetech DTC can be easily switched off when hot water circulation is not required, providing flexibility and energy conservation.

With this smart and innovative DTC system, customers can enjoy instant hot water at the scheduled time, ensuring a comfortable and convenient bathing experience. 

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