Establish a premium Center for research & development of new and better renewable energy technologies to meet the growing global demand.

To be the best R & D Center by conducting world class Research and creative activities to Develop innovative new technologies and methods for tapping renewable energy, with a focus on Solar Energy and contribute to energy sustainability, economic growth, social advancement of the Nation and world at large.

To develop and expand innovative research activities that align well with strategic plan, address important National and Global Sustainable Development goals.


  • The OMGC Chulha Challenge was aimed at developing cost effective and efficient solar powered stove system in line with the vision of Hon’ble Prime Minister to touch people lives by providing them safe and low cost alternative for clean household cooking.
  • Cooks both during day and night.
  • Can be used for all cooking processes i.e., boiling, steaming frying etc..
  • Is safe and easy to use within the comforts of the kitchen.
  • Is built with materials that are available easily and can be disposed of safely.
  • Can be mass produced to achieve good quality control and economies of scale.
  • Can be used independently or in conjunction with some power from the grid.
  • Vice Chairman of Solar Thermal Federation of India (STFI).
  • Accredited as channel partner of MNRE (Govt. of India).
  • Achieve the independency from LPG.

National Solar Chulha Design Challenge Program

Digital Temperature Controller

Know your Hot Water temperature in Solar Tank by Digital Temperature Controller.

Nuetech Solar introduced a Digital Temperature controller for measuring and controlling temperature of water in solar water tank. The actual temperature of hot water is displayed on its LCD screen, & you can use it to set the temperature up to 75 deg C.

How digital temperature controller works?

  • An electrical heater coil installed in solar tank which connected with D.T.C. (Digital Temperature Controller) the controller takes an input from a temperature sensor and has an output that connected a control element such as a heater coil.
  • By mobile app, you can set temperature and timings.
    • Set timings- Start time: End time:
    • Set temperature- Set temp: Tank Temp:
    • It works on Bluetooth technology with area limitation.
  • According to your need set the water temperature by manually/mobile application.
  • Manually, you can press SET key in digital controller and adjust temperature and the real timings, say for example need hot water of 50 deg C for every morning 6 am to 10 am.
    • Set time slot 06 am to 10 am with 50 deg C in digital controller
    • You can set many time slots.
    • Sensor check set temperature before 6am if the set temperature falls down; it sends a signal to activate the heater to raise the temperature back to the set temperature.