Community Water Center

Community Water Center

Nuetech Community Water Center

The community water center is devised to provide affordable healthy water all communities. Its main objectives are :

  • Planting Modern clean Community Water Centre accessible to people
  • Provision of specially designed water container to store water for usage and to minimize the contamination
  • Making every village and Community water- borne disease free
  • Literacy programmers for community children
  • Awareness programmers on health, hygiene and proper sanitation practices
  • Planting Trees for protecting the environment. Saying ‘No’ to Plastic
  • Encouraging people to conserve water and proper utility of water
  • Providing Free Healthy water to all Govt. Schools, Hospitals, Pregnant women and Worship places
  • Encouraging rural talents
  • Empowering women and youth through Education and Training Programmers
  • Generating employment opportunities through various programmers

Features :

  • NUETECH WATER PLANTS works on advance technology, thus run smooth, no noise and minimum power consumption
  • Inbuilt advance quality monitoring technology to check TDS level and pH value And mineral values in real time
  • 24-hour uninterrupted UV sterilization ensures healthy water quality
  • The machine is equipped with coin or ATM card option
  • GPRS based TCP/IP connectivity with web based Server system
  • GPS location system
  • Flash based transaction data Logging
  • Fully Automatic & manual system
  • Controller for displaying water purity parameters on LCD/LED display monitor
  • Chilling system available on Demand
  • Remote villages, where power is problem, we will provide solar power
  • Village people will get Drinking water

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